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General Event Rules & Regulations


The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any person admission to the Event and the right to remove any person acting in breach of this Agreement.


Space Only Stands will be given raw exhibition floor space only. Any furniture and/or electrical outlet(s) required should be ordered by the Exhibitor (at an additional cost).

Plans and design of special design/space only stands must be submitted to the Organiser a reasonable period prior to the Event Date. These drawings must contain information such as dimensions, stand elevation, plan layout, electrical fittings, materials to be used and equipment to be displayed.

Surrounding stands will not have dividing walls. Exhibitors may not place any display material or exhibit, nor extend their stand structure and fittings, beyond their contracted boundary. The Exhibitor will be charged for any infringement of this rule.

Fixings – Nothing is allowed to be taped, stapled or otherwise affixed to any surface of the venue. Absolutely no core-drilling or fixing into the floor is allowed.


It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to maintain their stands (exhibits and furniture) in a tidy condition at all times.

Exhibitors are to make their own arrangement for removal of items not for display purpose and rubbish resulting from unpacking exhibits such as carton boxes, crates, plywood, materials for their stand construction and interior fittings from the exhibition hall before the Event opens, and clear out all exhibits and constructed items immediately after the close of the Event.


Participants should start construction of their stands as soon as possible. If the construction period is exceeded, the Organiser is entitled to refuse exhibits without incurring any liability. All work must be completed by a reasonable period prior to the official opening of the Event.


Removal of goods and dismantling of stands may take place from half an hour after the Event has officially closed until the time stated in the Event Health & Safety Manual. The intervening time is needed to clear the aisles and prepare the speedy removal of the Exhibitor’s effects. Where relevant, it is advisable to remove small, valuable items as soon as the Event closes. This time may be used to pack away exhibits. Any goods/exhibits left after this time will be removed from site to a storage area at the Exhibitor’s cost.


General hall lighting will be provided by the Organiser.

Any power points are to be requested no later than 30 days prior to the event. No electrical installation may be suspended from the roof of the exhibition hall or fixed to any part of the building structure. No fitting may project beyond the boundaries of the site allocated.


Under no circumstances will the Organiser be responsible for receiving or storing of any exhibit or stand material. Exhibitors are advised to appoint their staff to look after their own exhibits. Exhibitors must not remove any of their exhibits on display from their stands until the exhibition is officially closed.


The Organisers reserve the right to alter the layout, plans and positions of stands if, in their opinion, this is desirable from the point of view of the Event as a whole.


The Organiser, the owners and/or managers of the Event venue or their agents have the right to enter the venue at any time to execute works, repairs and alterations and for other purposes. The Organiser is not responsible for the activities of the owners and/or managers of the Event and no compensation will be payable to the Exhibitor for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused.


The nature of the show is such that noise is unavoidable. Exhibitors must expect and accept a certain level of such noise in their stand area. In the event of justifiable complaints from other Exhibitors, Organisers reserve the right to determine the acceptable sound level and extent of demonstrations.


Printed promotional materials may be distributed only from within a Exhibitor’s own stand space. They are not to appear in any other public space of the exhibition site with the exception of bonafide Exhibitors under the exhibitorship guidelines. Demonstrations, other direct sales activities, and “give-away” items are also restricted to the Exhibitor’s own stand. The Exhibitor shall not permit any materials relating to firms or companies not being affiliates of the Exhibitor or otherwise associated with the Exhibitor to be exhibited at or distributed from any stand.


Photographic rights at the Event are reserved to the Organisers.


Any Exhibitor requiring first aid treatment should contact the Organiser’s office on the exhibition site.


General security will be provided by the Organiser. Exhibitors and their staff will not be allowed in the exhibition site after exhibition hours. All personnel in the exhibition site must wear identification badges.