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5 tips to help if you’re having a ‘career crisis’

With the current climate, we know so many of us are having our own career crisis and the worry and panic it causes can have a ripple effect on so many other things.

A career crisis comes in so many forms whether it be redundancy; struggling to get on the career ladder after school/uni; not knowing what career you want or when a ‘dream career’ isn’t what you thought it would be!

A career plays a huge part in your life so when it all goes a bit Pete Tong here’s a few steps to get you back on track:

1. Breathe – the most important thing

The more you work yourself up the worse it can get. So make sure you breathe and talk to your loved ones even if it’s for a long rant on the phone to get their advice. Take a moment. It’s normal to feel really overwhelmed when addressing your ‘career crisis’ worries and voicing them for the first time to someone.

2. Write down what it is you want from your job.

Whether that be flexible working hours, a certain salary point or career progression, write a list of all the non-negotiables or green flags you want to see in your ideal role. Also write a separate list detailing what you want to bring to your ideal job.

3. Look at your options – old and new paths

Do you want to revisit a previous ‘dream’ or create a completely new one? Do you want the option to move city/town or do you want a business of your own? Very few people have kept at the same job or pathway forever, is this a new direction for you? If so, you may want to look at retraining or upskilling for the new direction you want to go.

4. Put yourself out there!

Communication and networking are two of the most important skills to navigate any career crisis. Sites like LinkedIn are brilliant for this, you’re basically writing your own advert and pitching to employers but you can find jobs on there you didn’t know existed!

Do not underestimate other social media sites, reach out to people in the industry you’re looking at or get back in touch with employers/old friends. So many people are more than willing to offer advice or may even be able to offer contacts to point you in the right direction.

5. Take a risk!

Circumstances are different for everyone. However, if you can afford to take that risk and you think you will be happier, then do it! We always regret the things we didn’t do most in life.