Time to stop caring and start preaching!

One of the most exciting things about being is your 20’s is that we’re more willing and able to start new things, whether that be a blog, an Instagram page to showcase your passion or even a new business.

We’re not as scared as those later on in their life because if it all does go tits up, then we’ve still got the rest of our lives to figure it out! And that’s an exciting thought, being able to start a business, side hustle or passion project without worrying too much about anything else apart from yourself.

Lockdown has given loads of people the break and step-back from the 9-5 grind (with annoyingly long commutes) to actually think about what they want from life, with so many people taking this rare opportunity to start their own passion project or business. Me being one of them!

I’ve always wanted to start my own business, literally always. Although it’s not until the past few years I figured out what I could do that in, seems quite obvious now, something that I’m good at – Marketing!

I’ve been in the marketing world for a few years now and loved every minute of it, I’ve worked with some huge brands across international variants. Helped small independent businesses and executed some amazing campaigns. So now being able to turn my passion for helping businesses thrive into my own business, is exciting (and scary…).

I love it, I’m good at it and I’ve always wanted to do it, so here I am!

What struck me when launching and running a business is how scared I am about talking about my accomplishments and being proud of what I’m actually doing.

If anybody asks me about it, I put myself down, ‘oh it’s nothing special’, ‘it’s pretty small, more for fun’ and ‘it’s just something to keep me busy’. All of which are LIES! It is special, it’s special to me, it means something and I’m so proud of myself for finally plucking up the courage and doing it. It’s not for fun, as much as I enjoy my work, if I wanted to do something fun I’d book a bottomless brunch with my friends or pretend I’m rich while trying on ridiculously expensive outfits in Selfridges. Not sat at my laptop creating content, trawling through analytics and updating reports. I’m not doing this because it’s fun, I’m doing this because I want to run and own a successful business while helping people improve their own.

So why do I put myself down, honestly I think it’s a girl thing. So many women I know have started or are already running their own fantastic passion projects, side hustles and businesses. Yet all too often they’ll put themselves down, not in obvious ways, in subtle ways such as, ‘I’ve started selling cakes, nothing big right now, it’s just something to keep me busy’, STOP.

We need to stop brushing over our accomplishments and our plans for the future.

I know we do it to protect ourselves but it’s becoming ridiculous. By saying our businesses are ‘only small’ and are only ‘something to keep us busy’, we’re simply protecting ourselves because if it does all go wrong then we said from the beginning it wasn’t that important. But it is! We need to start talking about our businesses the way we would LOVE to hear someone else talk about them and it’s not vain just because it’s coming out of our own mouths, it’s the truth! ‘I’ve started selling cakes, I’m booked up for the next few months which I’m over the moon about, I’ve got plans to open up my own bakery and I’m even playing with the idea of starting baking courses/a baking school. So I’m spinning a lot of plates at the minute but it’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to see where this goes’. That is what you should be saying. Speaking about our accomplishments and shouting about our goals with pride, not hiding them away!

My boyfriend is in the process of launching his own clothing range and when he speaks about it to anyone he sounds like he’s pitching but in a way that makes you want to hear more, it makes you want to ask about the products, see pictures and samples. You honestly come away feeling like you’ve just listened to a TED Talk and you feel inspired to start your own bloody clothing range!

So why am I so different when I talk about my business...?

I honestly believe it’s because women are more concerned about what other people think, we’ve grown up knowing all too well those ‘bitchy girls’ that always have something to say, we’re also so worried about trying to be perfect, we don’t celebrate how great mistakes and failures can be. It shows you’ve tried and you’ve learnt and that next time you’re only going to be bigger and better than before.

As women, we need to stop worrying about failures and other people’s opinions. Instead, we need to start shouting from the rooftops about all the amazing things we’re doing, not because we’re showing off but because we’re proud! And so we bloody should be! Proud of our side hustles, passion projects, start-up businesses.

Let’s start building ourselves up instead of putting ourselves down.

Lets actually be proud of how far we’ve come, what we’re achieving and where we are going. Let’s always come away feeling like we’ve listened to a TedTalk when we’re talking about our own businesses because it is so inspiring! Anything you do that you believe in is inspiring. So let’s start talking about it with pride, to everyone and anyone and not backing down from how amazing we truly are!

So my overall point is this – Stop caring! Start preaching!

Our 20’s are an amazing time when we can often start businesses or passion projects without worrying too much, so let’s not waste these years putting ourselves down. Let’s start telling and showing the world just how amazing we and our businesses are.

Blog post author: Hattie Campbell

Hattie is a twenty-something Influencer Marketing Executive from Manchester. who is passionate about providing people, especially girls, a secure place to ask questions, that they might have previously thought were silly.

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