Let’s face it, Summer 2020 is going to go down in history! It’s unlikely most of us will be able to leave the country so we’ve put together a STAY-cation series to help you find the best places in the UK to get away for some kind of break this summer.

Location: Chester / Cheshire

Type of Staycation: City break / Sightseeing

Best places to stay:

Chester is a friendly town with lots of vibrant shops, bars and things to do. If you're looking for a cool places to stay for your staycation there are plenty to choose from but I'd recommend Oddfellows, Holiday Inn (Overlooking the racecourse) and Roomzzz Aparthotels.

Things to do:

Chester Zoo

If you've watched 'Secret Life of The Zoo' on Channel 4 then you'll be familiar with Chester Zoo. In my opinion, you can't visit Chester without taking a trip to see the elephants and giraffes!

Walk the walls

The city of Chester is surrounded by city walls that were built as a defensive structure to protect the city. It was started by the Romans between 70 and 80 AD, but you can still walk the walls today to get a gorgeous view of the city.

Delamere Forest

Just a short drive from Chester, Delamere Forest is great for those wanting to get out into nature. There are plenty of routes to choose from, the perfect opportunity to escape the crowds and find peace in the heart of the forest.

Cheshire Oaks

If you want your designer shopping fix then Cheshire Oaks is the place to be! As well as grabbing the best bargains you'll also find loads of restaurants to have a bite to eat while you shop.

Chester Racecourse

One to remember for when sporting events with crowds make their comeback! Chester Racecourse, hosts some of the best race days in the country, not to be missed if you're into horseracing.

3 fun facts about Chester:

1. Chester’s covered walkways, The Rows, have existed in the city since at least the 13th century. They are completely unique not only in Britain but anywhere in the world.

2. A Tudor law dictated that Welshmen were not allowed in tsthe city of Chester between sunset and sunrise. Another law apparently dictated that it was legal to shoot a Welshman with a bow and arrow within the city walls after midnight. There is no record of this law ever having been repealed!

3. Chester Racecourse is Britain's oldest sporting venue in continual use. 


Blog post author: Jasmine Wilson

Jasmine is a recent graduate of the University of Chester and a YouTube enthusiast. She believes technology is great tool for learning and what they didn’t teach us in school we can find out for ourselves!

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