My first year as a homeowner!

I never thought by the age of 22 I’d be going through the process of buying my first home, It seemed so surreal. Back in 2019, my long term partner and I decided after renting with each other for 10 months, that it was the time that we got our own place. We'd both been working since leaving school so it was exciting to be taking the next step into adulthood. It’s very nerve-racking, as you’ve got to ensure you find the right place, in the right location at the right price. It takes some people AGES, but we viewed at least 10 properties we found our ‘home’.  What happens next? After our offer got accepted we started to get the ball rolling with solicitors, finances, estate agents and (the paperwork seems ENDLESS 😂) then we eventually got the moving in date. As we never had a chain and neither did the property we purchased we completed within 3 months. #ThankGodForThat

We then started to look at furniture and I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a bargain and most of the stuff we purchase for the house was from either Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Ikea and some were even handmade. Here are some examples below;

Next Sofa (L shaped) - £250 #bargain ✅ 

Table (homemade by the bf) - £100 #bargain ✅ 

Wardrobe - £30 #bargain ✅ 

Shelving units - £45 #bargain

Kitchen bits (Kettle, Toaster, Microwave) - £90 #bargain ✅ 

Plus loads more, you just need to know what you’re looking for. 

After you sort those essentials out you need to think about the BILLS 😫

The worst thing about moving into your first home is you need to start being an adult and think about bills...

- Home insurance - if anything goes wrong you have to have the best cover.

- Energy - EDF, British Gas? Who do I go for?

- Water - if you want hot baths or a decent cuppa tea, this needs to be sorted.

- TV Licence - Compulsory if you want to TV

- TV and Broadband - Do you go with Sky or Virgin Media? But then what package?

- Council Tax - Compulsory!!

This can give you a headache, going on numerous websites and comparison sites to try and find the best deal. Don’t always go for the cheapest but also don’t go too expensive, because it all mounts up in the end. 

After 6 months...

Once you’ve settled in somewhere and Christmas is out of the way, you start to want to make changes to your home. (Some people move in and do work straight away and some wait) Once Covid19 kicked in, we started to look at ways we could do improvements to our home. We always knew the garden and kitchen needed some TLC, so that’s what we did. The gravel Was taken away and we put down a lovely patio and with the kitchen, we changed the worktops, oven/hob, changed the sink and removed the old granny tiles off the wall. 

A year on, it’s the best thing that we ever did, we have BBQ parties, we get to decorate/revamp our own place and Fizz Fridays (Yes please!).  Basically being able to do what we want, when we want and being an adult, at only 23! #TheJoysOfBeingAnAdultInYourTwenties 

Want help with the house buying process? Not sure where to start? Sign up for the Talk Twenties First Time Buyer Guide launching 1st October 2020.


Blog post author: Caitlin Rose Harvey

Caitlin is a twenty-something Event Marketing Executive from Cheltenham.

She's living proof of that you definitely don't need to go to uni and get a degree in order to succeed, as she's already a homeowner at the age of 23.

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