Lockdown Date Night Ideas

Date night isn't quite the same as it used to be. We can't get dressed up and go out for dinner; we can't escape reality for a couple of hours in the cinema or meet up with friends for cocktails. Needless to say we all still need and crave that one on one time where the washing, cleaning or food shopping are forbidden topics!

I ‘met’ my boyfriend during lockdown number one, therefore what we would consider ’normal’ dating has been a rare occasion for us that doesn’t mean to say it’s non existent. We quickly moved in together, knowing that it would be more fun to go through this whole lockdown process together, and since then have been experimenting with different date nights that are lockdown friendly!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon I thought I'd share some date night ideas some of which we’ve are tried and tested...

1. Car cinema

  • Put your backseats down and layer the space with pillows and blankets.

  • Download your favourite film or one you haven't seen before onto your ipad/tablet/laptop.

  • Pick up all the snacks I'm talking popcorn, chocolate, crisps or even go all out and get a takeaway

  • Drive to a viewpoint or stay on the drive - Climb into the back seat and cuddle up and press play

We got this idea from seeing people on TiK ToK do it and I loved every second of it! Escaping the house but still in my pyjamas watching a cheesy romcom (our choice was 'The Proposal') cuddled up under the stars.

2. Dinner Date

Whilst we can't go out for dinners & drinks there are still so many ways you can make it fun and feel a little more special than your everyday meal.

  • Dress up for each other and cook a three course meal

  • Themed night (Decorations, Costumes, Props) Mexican, American, Italian

  • Home Meal Kits; Lockdown has seen so many restaurants turn to DIY home kits there are so many different ones to go for whether that be nationwide restaurants or your favourite local dining spot.

  • Indoor picnic; Grab an old wooden crate or even cardboard box add a tablecloth and some flowers and you’re good to go (Pinterest is great for inspo)

3. Wine Tasting/Cocktail Making

Granted alcohol can be expensive but why not choose 2/3 of your favourite cocktails with the same spirit