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Welcome to our very first blog post of 2020 and well, quite frankly, it’s our first blog post ever! If you’ve landed here on our blog it’s probably because you want some gossip on what this is all about.

Ever felt like you’re just winging your way through life and hoping you’ll find the answers to life’s important issues along the way? Like, how to save for a house deposit on a salary of peanuts, whether to go for that promotion, how much is too much to spend on an eyeshadow palette whilst still affording food for the month and how to find the perfect balance of keeping fit and socialising (p.s. we’re all still working on that one!).

I'm Gaby Mendes, founder of Talk Twenties and I believe that there's something missing for us millennials. We need a space where we can talk about adulting, all of it’s challenges and also the fun bits of growing up and we don’t need it to feel like going back school or for it to be full of boring corporate stuff. We need something real, that we can relate to!

I've had my own challenging personal journey entering my twenties which is why this means so much to me. Having moved to Liverpool to live with my boyfriend after graduating, I started teacher training in a secondary school in the North West but quickly found that this wasn’t making me happy. With very little support in the school I trained in and limited friends outside of work, due to moving up north, I started experiencing a dip in my mental health and knew I needed to make a change. To cut a long story short, after two years of teaching, I made a career change and now am very happy building a career in Event Management.

However, whilst teaching, I was responsible for looking after a form group of sixth form students. Barely older than them myself, I noticed that school was really not preparing these students realistically for what adult life would entail and I was also able to reflect on how my experience of school hadn’t prepared me for adult life. There was little finance or money management in the curriculum, no understanding of how the property market worked, no information on politics, no advice on how to navigate my career.

After leaving teaching, I started a blog called G’s Twenties where I shared all my experiences of being a twenty-something and, in April 2019, I was was named Liverpool’s Influential Blogger of the Year. It was from then on that I start developing my idea for Talk Twenties and, after getting some amazing support from friends, it became a reality in January 2020.

So, if you’re still reading it’s likely you feel like you could do with an extra little bit of help nailing this so-called adulting. I also know that you don’t want to be lectured on adult life but instead want to hear from other people who are experiencing the same things as you and get it.

The mission of Talk Twenties is:

· To build a community of like-minded twenty somethings

· To provide opportunities to meet with the community

· To create content that’s useful and engaging to an audience of twenty-somethings, from life-hacks to the serious shiz. We’ll cover it all.

· To widen people’s support network for advice in their twenties from what was just their parents to people with expertise in various areas.

· To offer great deals with organisations that can support you with whatever the next step in your twenties is!

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