How to make the most of this academic year

Although this year has put a pause on the usual university activities, there are still plenty of things you can do to make the best out of this academic year. Struggling to think of ideas? Well, Talk Twenties is here to help you out.

Talk Twenties brings together a community of twenty-somethings as you find your path on this rollercoaster of a decade. They cover all the things that you didn’t learn in school from buying your first home, navigating a career change to prioritising your mental health.

Here are 5 Talk Twenties ways to make the most out your university experience in 2020.

1. Get clear on your career goals

With less time travelling to lecturers you have a little more time to spare. You can use this to get clear about where you want to go with your degree. It’s so easy to get swept up with deadlines throughout the year that you forget to make time to reflect on where you are now and where you want to go. Setting aside the 20 minutes you’d spend travelling could be really beneficial to reaching your goals. Whether you want to do something specific to your degree or something totally unrelated, our resources at Talk Twenties can help you out! Check out our career-related podcast episodes.

2. Take an online course

Being worried about obtaining your dream job in the current climate is completely understandable but you can still do things now to impress employers. Online courses are a great way to do this as it shows you’re keen to learn and develop. FutureLearn is a great website that has FREE courses on a range of topics, which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

3. Join a virtual event

You might not be able to attend all the activities you had planned this year but it doesn’t mean they’re completely cancelled. Many societies are doing virtual events, so if there’s something you wanted to try this year you still can. You can create your own virtual events with friends over Zoom; perhaps even add some seasonal twists as Halloween and Christmas approaches.

4. Spend time outdoors

Heading outside for a walk is a great way to lift your spirits and is especially important when you’re studying. It’s easy to forget to take breaks when working on assignments but having breaks is beneficial to your overall performance. Depending on social distancing rules in your area it’s also a great way to spend time with your course mates. You don’t have to be indoors or spend money.

5. Pick up a hobby

Is there something you loved to do as a child that you wished you could do again? Whether that’s drawing, doing a jigsaw or playing music having more time in halls can be the perfect opportunity to pick that back up. Alternatively, you can try something new. It’s a great way to take a break from studying and have fun.

The key to making the most of this year is to focus on the opportunities you do have. They might be a few challenges along the way but the Talk Twenties community is always here to support you. Join our exclusive Facebook Hub or keep updated on Instagram.

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