How to get through Valentine’s Day after a break-up

Valentine’s Day: one of the most commercial and (for many) overrated days of the year. It’s also one that can make you feel awful if you’ve just gone through a break up. It feels even worse when Instagram or Facebook is filled with ‘Boy did good’ or ‘cute presents from this one’ posts!

Hopefully though, with the following ideas, you can actually enjoy the day! Here are a few suggestions that could make your day that little bit easier, help you to heal and take your mind off the heartbreak.

1. Have a film night

Think Bridesmaids, We’re the Millers, Vacation… the list is endless! Or do the opposite: have a good cry to a film and release whatever feelings are surfacing. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel, but remember that this feeling is not permanent.

2. Celebrate Galentine’s Day instead!

Is there a male alternative too? Not sure! But why not have a night with friends (even virtually)? You could bake, cook together, get your favourite takeaway in or have a spa night. You could even write Valentine’s Day cards to each other, saying what you love about the other person and what you appreciate about your friendship. They could be happy, hilarious or thoughtful messages - you choose!

You could even have food where the theme isn’t Valentine’s Day - think a massive Italian banquet or lots of tapas. You’ll be so busy trying not to burn the paella that you might even forget what day it is for a minute or two!

3. Talk to someone

Don’t suppress your feelings; there’s a chance you’ll want to talk things over with a friend, a family member or even mental health professionals. Being supported in difficult times is crucial and a break up is certainly one of those times.

4. Bask in the pros of your new life

Look at what you’ve gained! You are no longer with someone who wasn’t right for you - be it the wrong person full stop or the right person at the wrong time. Now, you’ll have more money to save or spend on things you enjoy and inevitably more time to spend with friends. Have a dance to the music your ex couldn’t stand and enjoy that wine they said they hated. You can enjoy more of what you love and there’s nothing better than that! You can also look at the single people who are absolutely loving solo life and don’t even give past break-ups a second thought.

It’s one day of the year, yet many people put a lot of pressure on it to be perfect, and that if it isn’t, there’s something wrong with you. Well, let me tell you, there is NOTHING wrong with you, you have so much to look forward to and can now enjoy so much freedom and independence!

Have no expectations for the day and remember, you can show love any day of the year to anyone; not just on one day and not just to a significant other. You’ve got this!


Blog post author: Phoebe Matthews

Phoebe is our 'overseas' Ambassador and is currently living and working in the 'City of Love', Paris. Passionate about helping other twenty-somethings realise their opportunities outside of the UK, Phoebe will be sharing tips, tricks and personal experience of travelling the world in your twenties.

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