Choosing the right path: Why an Apprenticeship was right for me

It’s harder than you think, especially at 16, to decide what you want to do with your future, and trust me it isn’t all plain sailing. There are multiple paths you could decide to go down, but it’s how you get there? 

I’m Cait one of the Talk Twenties Ambassadors and I wanted to give a-bit of insight about what I decided to do. 🎗💁🏼‍♀️

When I was at school I felt students were always pushed to do the University route. Teachers were always like ‘Apply to go there’, ‘we need to get your student statement written before the deadline’ etc etc...and honestly, university just wasn’t for me.

Apprenticeship = skills for life

I knew I needed to get into work and learn on the go. I decided to do an apprenticeship, where a company employs you to work for them alongside going to college once a week to learn ‘a chosen subject.’ I loved the idea of Marketing and after a few weeks researching different companies, how much it would pay (of course, it’s what everyone looks at) and what opportunities I could get from them. I found my very first job, working in Evesham with affiliate marketing business to raise money for charity every time you shop via their website. 

At 17 it was hard to adjust too, especially when friends and others I went to school with were ‘having a gap year’ or ‘going out every night with new uni friends’ and I was working a ‘normal’ 9-5 job. 

But looking back now I don’t think I’d change it for the world. 

Starting my marketing career

The marketing apprenticeship gave me something to work towards and focus on, and after a year of coursework at college and onsite work - I qualified and the company took me on full time as an employee. But I wasn’t going to stop there ✋ 

6 months later, I wanted to go further and I decided to see if the company would support me to do a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. This course allowed me to do work online in my own time, learning at the following modules;

SEO (my fav)

PPC (my fav)

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing 

Social Media

Google Analytics 

Display Advertising (my fav)

As a development opportunity it was exactly what I needed and the business too. Within 4 months I qualified and passed! 

Where I am now in my career

Now I’m in my 3rd job, using everything I’ve learnt over the years as part of a small/close team. Making suggestions, putting ideas forward and developing their marketing - All because I decided to take an alternative route (which isn’t the norm).

Sometimes you need to take the leap and not follow everyone else. 

Now I’m 23 and just started my 3rd qualification the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing to learn the following modules;




Brand building

Customer insight 

Integrated communications 

Customer experience 

I cannot wait for the next year of challenges to develop my career further. 


Blog post author: Caitlin Rose Harvey

Caitlin is a twenty-something Event Marketing Executive from Cheltenham.

She's living proof of that you definitely don't need to go to uni and get a degree in order to succeed, as she's already a homeowner at the age of 23.

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