Celebrating Christmas - with or without your family.

To Christmas together, or not together - that is the question! I’m sure that’s what a lot of us are wondering right now. Here are some fun ways you can celebrate if it’s not possible to be together.

1. Cook together

If you are spending your Christmas with less family members than usual, or happen to be on your own, a nice idea could be to get the same ingredients for one of your traditional dishes and bake along over video call. Maybe the Jamie Oliver of the family can take you through the key to making a perfectly formed Yorkshire pudding and the Nigella Lawson of the family lead the way for creating the best festive brownies. Please try Nigella's brownies recipe this Christmas - you will not be disappointed!

2. Host a virtual family-themed games night (wait - this one’s gonna be different, I swear!)

This quiz will trump any quiz you’ve done in lockdown 1 or 2, as it can be created especially for your family! One of you can be the quizmaster who writes the questions and settles the inevitable disputes if someone’s cheating and the rest of you can split into teams. You could guess each others’ baby pics (perfect if you have cousins the same age and at one point you all looked the same), create a spot the difference round with a family portrait, or even host an ugly Christmas jumper fashion show!

3. Random act of kindness

If you’re sat bored at home, you could perform a random act of kindness! You could leave flowers in a random place for someone to pick up, or leave Christmas cookies at someone’s door. You would preferably do this without them knowing where they came from.

4. Create a time capsule

This year has probably been one to remember! So why not gather everything from the past few months; a calendar page from lockdown, photos marking your funniest moments in lockdown, recipes of your favourite lockdown treats...Banana bread, I’m looking at you. Then find a nice spot to hide it away, and come back to it in ten or twenty years’ time!

5. Plan a 2021 getaway/get together

Whilst escaping the country to avoid the January Blues most likely won’t be on the cards, why not whack out the world map and have a look at places to travel for summer 2021 and beyond? You don’t even have to book anything, but quite often, just researching a new country and its activities is enough to raise your spirits and bounce ideas off each other. If this still feels risky, you could pencil in a reunion in a few months’ time such as a curry night or a pub lunch and a hike somewhere cute.

6. Make time for self-care

If you are spending Christmas on your own, you could make a day out of it and look after number one! You could have a bath, with candles, gin and stick on your favourite music - with no one to tell you off for using all the hot water or playing your music too loud!

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, know that you’re not alone in thinking that it’s been a weird year; full of ups and downs. But remember, Christmas Day is only one of many, and when this all blows over, we at Talk Twenties hope you get to go see whoever you please, whenever you like!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas xxxx


Blog post author: Phoebe Matthews

Phoebe is our 'overseas' Ambassador and is currently living and working in the 'City of Love', Paris. Passionate about helping other twenty-somethings realise their opportunities outside of the UK, Phoebe will be sharing tips, tricks and personal experience of travelling the world in your twenties.

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