5 tips to help if you're having a ‘career crisis’

With the current climate, I know so many of us are having our own career crisis and the worry and panic it causes can have a ripple effect on so many other things.

A career crisis comes in so many forms whether it be redundancy; struggling to get on the career ladder after school/uni; not knowing what career you want or in my case when my dream career became my worst!

A little backstory - throughout school and university, I always knew I wanted to be a civil servant. In my mind I was serving the government in a field I loved ‘politics’ and it was something I could work my way up in. So when I was offered a job straight out of university to work for the home office I cried I was so excited.. and relieved! I was there for just shy of 12 months and felt I had to prove myself and stick at my first ‘adult job’. Fast forward and I had become a shell of myself; my mental health had deteriorated massively; as I was constantly told I wasn’t good enough! I was in a new city and had the idea in my head that if I just kept going It would all work out in the end. I met one of my best friends working there and the day she resigned I felt my safety net had been taken from underneath me! I reached breaking point one day and I rang my parents sobbing to which my dad told me ‘Meg resign... no job is worth this, it’s destroying you’ and with that, I went back to my desk, wrote my resignation and I’ve never looked back

Then came crisis - Panic! Now what?... I had no idea what to do next!

Luckily everything worked out for me and I learnt so much about myself that I can step back and reflect on!

A career plays a huge part in your life so when it all goes a bit Pete Tong here’s a few steps to get you back on track!

1. Breathe - the most important thing

The more you work yourself up the worse it can get. So make sure you breathe and talk to your loved ones even if it’s for a long rant on the phone

2. Write down what it is you want from your job.

Whether that be flexible working hours, a certain salary point, career progression etc but also what you want to bring to the job.

E.g. right now I miss working with people and getting out there instead of being stuck in an office so I want the social aspect!

3. Look at your options - old and new paths

Do you want to revisit a previous ‘dream’ or create a completely new one? Do you want the option to move city/town or do you want a business of your own? I know very few people who have kept at the same job!

4. Put yourself out there! Communicate and network!

Sites like LinkedIn are brilliant for this you’re basically writing your own advert and pitching to employers but you can find jobs on there you didn’t know existed! Do not underestimate social media, reach out to people in the industry you’re looking at or get back in touch with employers/old friends! So many people are more than willing to offer advice or may even be able to offer contacts to point you in the right direction

5. Take a risk!

Circumstances are different for everyone. However, if you can take that risk then do it! We always regret the things we didn’t do and hey if it doesn’t work out have you really lost everything?


Blog post author: Megan Williams

Meg, from North Wales is an Intelligence Researcher by day and food blogger by night. She aims to give comfort to the 20-somethings who, like her, are trying to figure this whole thing out!

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