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Mallows Beauty Built a £5M Business From 6k: Skincare Secrets & Building A Business As a Single Mum

Laura Mallows is the founder and CEO of Mallows Beauty, a positive non-shaming led skincare brand which is estimated to turn over £5million this year. Laura shares her journey from start to 5mill with stories from her days as a fashion buyer, to being one of the first people to create masses of hand sanitiser in lockdown – and her brother won an award from the king (for her idea;)

Laura discusses the challenges and issues she previously had with skincare products and brands and how it led her to creating Mallows Beauty. Gaby and Laura chat about Laura becoming a single parent who is co-parenting and how she is coping with it all.

Gaby and Laura talk about:

  • -Lauras career before Mallows Beauty as a fashion buyer
  • – Everything Laura has learned about skincare
  • – How much skincare products ACTUALLY change your skin
  • – The BTS of Mallows Beauty Growth
  • – Challenges of being a single mum in business
  • – Utilising TikTok shop / Live

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