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Miss England – Jessica Gagen

How I went from being bullied to being the first Ginger Miss England AND an Aerospace Engineer

Recently crowned as the first ginger to win Miss England, Jessica Gagen empowers women in STEM with a BEng degree in Aerospace Engineering alongside a full time fashion modelling career for huge brands like Moncler.

Jessica opened up about her experiences of bullying from a young age for her looks and how she overcame bullying and accomplished all that she has. Jessica talks about her reasons for starting university at the age of 24 and the struggles of the modelling industry. 

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Miss England 22, Jessica Gagen, joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!


In this episode Jessica talks about:

  • What it means to be Miss England
  • How to handle bullying
  • What she has learned from studying Aerospace Engineering and modelling
  • The reason for charity runs as Fancy Dress jess
  • Advice for all twenty somethings
  • Her biggest lessons from failure